A Hope Party to Inspire


At age 70, Tim Fleming Sr. felt he has been fully blessed with all he could want or need, leaving him with an empty birthday gift wish-list.  So Tim came up with the idea to host a party each year and invite guests to bring a donation to a local charity instead.

His friend, Barb Lepman, owns a restaurant in Glencoe, making a perfect venue to enjoy fellowship, great food, and the chance to give back. Each year, Tim invites his church, pickle ball, tennis, work, and neighborhood friends and enjoys seeing all the people with whom he socializes all in one room, coming together to make a difference.

Tim doesn’t just give, he says, “I invest.” He elaborates, “I only invest in institutions or programs that [bring] change…  Make the world a better place for the most  people.”

This year, at age 73, Tim chose to support Fellowship Housing through his birthday ‘Hope Party.’ He says, “[Fellowship Housing] takes women who want a chance to change their lives and helps them do it, provides sanctuary and safety, one-on-one council and guidance. [They] understand that everyone falls backward at times but [Fellowship] pushes them up, gets them stable, and then helps them move forward.”

At the party, Pam Orr, Executive Director, shared about the mission of Fellowship Housing. Family Advocate, Rachel Barry, spoke about *Tina’s progress in the program, and then Tina shared about her life before Fellowship and how much hope she now has for the future.  Tina’s story was moving and her love for God inspiring.

Over $3000 was raised through Tim’s Hope Party and Fellowship Housing is tremendously grateful for his birthday gift to the program.

If you’re interested in hosting your own Hope Party, whether for a birthday, wine and cheese night, coffee with friends, or other event, please contact Courtney@fhcmoms.org. 

*name changed in the interest of privacy

Courtney Burton