stories of life change


“Before Fellowship Housing, my life was an endless struggle to hold onto a job that paid very low wages. Our family's life was one of survival and an emotional roller coaster with a husband whose life was ruled by addiction to drugs and alcohol. Fellowship Housing's program has been so important. I've gotten financial counsel, helping me learn how to budget and live within my means. I have now repaid $16,000 and by next year, I will be debt-free. My children have also grown from the ministry of Fellowship Housing. This community of people and this program have changed the lives of families and truly given us a hand up and not a handout.”

"After growing up in an abusive home and experiencing several failed relationships, I found myself struggling to support my family. On one particularly miserable day, I got on my computer and searched the words, "single mom help." From the moment I entered the Fellowship Housing program, I knew that my ultimate goal was to own my own home. Since I had never lived in a stable home environment, it was my ultimate dream to provide this for my son. I have to say that these truly were the best two years of my life. I have reached my goal of home ownership and have time to work on my second goal of supporting my son through college. In all of the ways that my life has completely changed, I am most grateful to Fellowship Housing for giving me hope."

“I was a young mother with two young kids living in a house in Roselle. When my husband lost his job, he freaked out and left us with no income and a ton of debt. He never came back. I lost the house, and for a year, lived in spare bedrooms at friends' houses. I had a part-time job but with moving all the time, every day was a struggle just to keep food on the table. The creditors followed me everywhere, but as much as I wanted to pay them, I had no money. I felt like a criminal and a failure, but I was still a mom. None of this was my kids' fault. Then I found Fellowship Housing through a local church. With a safe place to live and counselors to help me work through my bills, I found I could work and take care of my kids and go to school. After two years, my credit history was clean, I had money in the bank and was able to move into my own home again. My kids say those two years were the best time of their lives. Thank you, Fellowship Housing for a hand up and not a hand-out.”