Nancy’s Story


*Nancy is a recent graduate from the program, late in 2018. With four children (three whom lived with her during her time in the program), Nancy struggled after her divorce to find independence and financial stability. She said, “I didn’t know how to budget my money and found myself constantly falling into debt. I had very little support from my family.” Before entering the program Nancy and her children found themselves living between the homes of a former boyfriend and family. Struggling for stability, she knew was in desperate need of guidance and assistance.

*Photo and name have been changed in the interest of privacy.

*Photo and name have been changed in the interest of privacy.

During her time at Fellowship Housing, Nancy worked diligently, with the help of her Family Advocate to keep her focused. She was able to raise her credit score by 200 points and pay off almost $40,000 in debt, all while pursuing her degree in health and landing a job in the medical field. At Nancy’s graduation, her advocate boasted proudly that Nancy carries herself with incredible grace and strength. 

Nancy closed her graduating speech by sharing about her time at Fellowship saying, “I never lost sight; I kept my faith always trusting in God’s plan. It took me many trials and errors to grow and learn from it all… I’m beyond thankful for all the assistance that was given to me and my family during our time here.” Nancy plans to buy a home in March and we celebrate along-side her all of the hard work she has done to build a new legacy for her family.

Courtney Burton