We’re grateful for Food For Friends–and for you!


As you gathered with friends, family or both for Thanksgiving, did you take a moment to express gratitude? To talk, even between bites of turkey or stuffing or pie, about blessings that you’re grateful for?

At Fellowship, we’re grateful for so much—especially for you, our donors and prayer warriors and supporters and partners. And we’re grateful for our moms, who work so incredibly hard. You, our friends and partners, offer them a hand up—and they grab hold and tenaciously do all they can to build a better future for themselves and their kids.

This Thanksgiving, our generous partner Food For Friends provided each of our 18 families (as well as two graduates of our program) with a turkey, and a “Blue Bag” full of all the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner. We were so excited and thankful to be a part of their annual Blue Bag Event.

The Blue Bag Event provided turkey and fixings for 20 moms.

The Blue Bag Event provided turkey and fixings for 20 moms.

Food For Friends partners with us all year, providing an amazing service for selected moms in the program: they take the mom grocery shopping. Not only do they pay for the groceries, they provide a friend to shop with the mom, who offers guidance and mentoring on how to shop sales, how to buy healthy snacks, how to lower their grocery bill by making healthier choices, and more.

Read more about the shopping program in this story we did a while back.

Food For Friends is currently looking for volunteers for its shopping program. For details, email info@foodforfriends.org, or visit their website.

At Thanksgiving, the Food For Friends Blue Bag Event fills a gap in our moms’ budgets.

Turkeys galore!

Turkeys galore!

“Receiving a Thanksgiving meal is such a gift to the families we serve. We are so grateful for everyone’s support in providing a meal to our families who otherwise would not be able to cook their family a Thanksgiving dinner,” notes Heather Corins, Fellowship Program Director. “The ongoing support and generosity of Food For Friends for their Blue Bag Event and Shopping Program is what helps the moms in Fellowship Housing achieve their goals of debt repayment and savings. Their success would not be possible without Food For Friends partnership.”

One of our moms, Sally*, participates in the Food for Friends shopping program. She recently shared her story at a Food for Friends event, and said this:

“The Food For Friends shopping program has been such a blessing for my family. I’ve been able to focus on my budget and save for my future. One of the most amazing things that my family experienced was the opportunity to give my children fresh fruits and veggies in their meals and especially for snacks. I’m learning to shop sales and get the most for my dollar, organize my time, and myself.”

Food For Friends, and donors like you, give our moms a lot to be grateful for. Thank you!

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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