Alexis' Move-In Story

Last month, *Alexis moved into her apartment and she was so incredibly grateful!  She and the kids were thrilled to be in their new home. So excited in fact that they took photos together and then emailed their family advocate to express their deep joy and gratitude. On the night she moved in, Alexis even asked her advocate to take the photo in front of her washer and dryer because she was so excited to finally have a washer and dryer in her home!

Here’s what she shared in her email to the staff…

I just wanted to send you a few pictures and let you know the move went well. Honestly,  words cant explain my gratitude,  the peace that I feel in my heart is amazing. Most importantly the peace and happiness I see in my children from the moment they first saw our new home has been such a blessing! The way they ran around and jumped in to help in any way they could brought so much joy to my heart. Feels great to be a part of Fellowship housing.

*Alexis, Joshua and Sarah

Feels great to be a part of Fellowship Housing. We couldn’t agree more!  It does feel GREAT to be a part of Fellowship Housing.  Thank you for making this life change possible for Alexis, Joshua and Sarah through your generosity. You are empowering Alexis and so many other Chicago-land single moms to build a new legacy for their kids like Joshua and Sarah.

*Names changed in the interest of privacy.

Courtney Burton